god of the Sun

Nimrod had a plan to strengthen his religious system, and so he married his own mother who was named, Semiramis. She was the first deified queen of Babylon and Nimrod was the first deified king. Semiramis was as wicked as her son Nimrod, and participated as much in devil worship as he did. Incest was used here as a basis to unite this newly false religious system. The plan was to develop a counterfeit opposition system of religion to attract worship away from the true God of Heaven. But Satan’s pagan worship required the offering up of human beings as sacrifice to him, and children used in sacrificial offering were often the sons and daughters of the worshipers. After Nimrod’s death it should have been made obvious to everyone that he was not a true god after all. He was mortal like any ordinary man.

Semiramis, the widow of Nimrod, had a brilliant idea on how she could successfully revive her and Nimrod’s pagan religion, and give it a new form. It was not long after the death of her husband that Semiramis became pregnant by someone else. She concocted the plan to say that when Nimrod died he went up to the sun to live. This appeased the worshipers and the sun then became the symbol of Nimrod.

Semiramis told the people the lie that a ray of the sun had come to her and impregnated her with a child and that it was actually Nimrod coming back in a reincarnation of the sun god. The child was named Tammuz and these three entities were then worshiped for centuries afterwards as various personification of the sun god. So Semiramis proclaimed that her husband Nimrod was a god, and she as the wife of Nimrod was a now goddess. She then announced herself to be “The Queen of Heaven” and that she should be worshiped as such. Semiramis was soon hailed as “The Queen of Heaven” or ashtarte. Her symbol became the moon and her husband Nimrod, was called “Baal” the “sun god” and his symbol became the sun. This is the history of sun worship.

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