God’s Wrath Outpoured

As we read in the Bible, we discover that it is God’s plan that at the end of time, before Jesus comes, there will be seven terrible plagues that will come upon this world. These seven last plagues constitute the beginning, or the first stages, of this wrath of God that will be poured out upon the world. The thing to remember is, the plagues will come at harvest time.

In other words, The final event in the reaping of the harvest will be the second coming of Jesus, because the coming of Jesus follows the events of the plagues. Therefore the plagues will come just before the coming of Jesus. The plagues will come after the Spirit of God has been withdrawn from this world.

Why will God allow this terrible curse to come upon the earth, the seven plagues? Because man has changed the law of God, has transgressed that law, has broken the everlasting covenant. Then those who are faithful and live until Jesus comes will be translated without seeing death.

In our study today we will answer three burning questions.
1. When will the plagues come?
2. Upon whom will the plagues fall?
3. How can I escape the plagues?

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