IF You Love me…

Some of the strangest and wildest opinions have been held, and are still being held, concerning the subject of the Ten Commandments. One would think that only the worst type of violent criminal could complain against the law that God wrote with His own hand.

Surely the rules of God would be rules of love, and His people would be delighted with them. Only the rebellious and disobedient would want to nullify them. Yes, that’s the way it ought to be, friends, but unfortunately it just hasn’t worked out that way.

The truth is that not only Christians have tried to do away with the rules of God, but theologians and preachers have led the way in seeking to cancel the great moral law of God.

Why have entire denominations taken the position that these laws are now out-of-date and no longer apply to modern society? Especially are we interested in that question when we remember that more promises in the Bible revolve around obedience than any other subject.

Over and over God talked to the people and promised to bless them IF – IF – IF – always if they would obey His law. And repeatedly the people promised that they would do it, and would accept the conditions laid down by God. In the Bible we call these oral agreements between God and His people, covenants, and they form a very important part of the sacred record of the Scriptures. AdventMessage.com

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