Is It Ok For a Woman to Pray in Church Without Wearing a Hat?

The idea that a woman must wear a hat or veil of some kind while worshiping God comes from Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 11:5-15.
Paul gives five reasons why women should wear head coverings in public worship to demonstrate submission.

The first reason for the head covering is because of:

Now, this order does not indicate inferiority. Rather, it reveals how the church is to operate. A woman isn’t inferior to a man. Women are not inferior to men. But they do have a different function in the order and operation of the church.

Paul says it’s wrong for a woman to pray or prophesy without a head covering. Why? Because the head covering demonstrated her submission to her husband, and her submission to God’s established order in the church.

So a woman is to wear a head covering to show her acceptance of and submission to God’s created order.

Paul says it was the teaching of the Apostles and the custom of all churches for women to wear head coverings. So we should follow this common church practice, and not be contentious.

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