The Adventist Worship System

For the first few hundred years of the Christian faith, church buildings were very rare. It was not until Constantine and his succeeding Roman Emperors made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire that Christians began to build temples. Christians erecting church buildings resulted in multiple problems. First, people began to think of a church building as “sacred space.”

This resulted in a separation between what goes on inside a church building, and what takes place outside of a church building. Among some, blatant evil and immorality was tolerated outside of the church as long as behavior inside the church was proper. Sadly, the early church took the concept of church leadership, and due to pagan influences, molded it into a priesthood.

While Protestant churches, except for a notable few, do not refer to its leaders as priests, in some instances, pastors today serve in much the same role as a priest. In too many Adventist congregations pastors are expected to do all, or nearly all of the ministry work.

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