The Light of the Law

Strange as it seems, we have actually come to a day when religious leaders and institutions are openly condoning disobedience to the basic laws of our government. And friends, don’t think for a moment that they always stop at disobedience to man’s laws. The whole philosophy is permeated with a permissiveness which also looks lightly upon transgression of God’s law as well.

It is perfectly alright to preach against swearing and adultery, stealing, murder, and quote the ten commandments. But, if we preach about keeping God’s Sabbath day, which is, also, one of the ten commandments, then suddenly, the ten commandments are nailed to the cross or done away, we’re not under the law, we’re under grace!

But when you begin to analyze this devious doctrine, it appears rather foolish. If we are at liberty to disobey the Sabbath command by saying, “The law was nailed to the cross, done away,” or by saying, “I’m not under the law but under grace,” then this reasoning applies to all ten commandments, not just one of the ten.

Jesus is our true passover. His blood covers our sin and we will not be destroyed in the punishment of the wicked. We are set free in Him from the enslavement of Satan.

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