The Race Towards World Domination

The Race For World Domination

For long, China has been considered as a sweat-shop economy behind an iron curtain trying hard to turn itself into the factory of the world. That’s what China has actually been so far.

But over the last few years, under its leader Xi Jinping, it has drastically changed its self-image—from the drudge of the world to a global power out to conquer the whole planet.

In addition…

Europe’s obsession with Russia is unrequited. Moscow just isn’t interested in the Continent anymore.

It doesn’t care about European integration, or moving toward Europe. But neither is it interested in Europe’s predicted disintegration, or in pulling countries away from the West and closer to its way of thinking.

In the halls of the Kremlin these days, it’s all about China — and whether or not Moscow can convince Beijing to form an alliance against the West.

In the past, the possibility of an alliance between the two countries had been hampered by China’s reluctance to jeopardize its relations with the U.S. But now that it has already become a target, perhaps it will grow bolder.

The thing to remember is that both countries are obsessed with overturning the American-led global order.

This alliance, if it becomes concrete, would overturn how we do global politics. Imagine an international crisis in which Russia and China suddenly emerge as a single bloc. The impact would be considerable, and to some extent unpredictable.

Despite all the doomsday scenarios, God is still in control. The Lord laid it out in His Word that America will the last and final super power before the Lord’s return.

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