Unpardonable Sin Explained

Understanding the Unpardonable Sin

God winks at, or excuses, our ignorance of His Holy Law, because according to the Bible, the definition of sin is breaking God’s law. However, when we do eventually come to the knowledge of sin, we must repent and confess our wrong. When a sin of ignorance comes to a person, he or she must confess the past error and change his ways or else he will be held responsible and liable in the solemn day of judgment.

How to Avoid Committing the Unpardonable Sin

It is a very solemn thing to reject, or neglect one single part of what God has written in the Bible, His Holy Word. Your family, your friends, even your pastor may tell you different, but who would you rather believe, a human being, or God? God is saying that if you say that you know God, and don’t do as He says, then it proves you do not love Him. I suggest that you place all your trust in God and His Word. It is absolutely imperative that we walk in all the light that is given us. If there is one portion that I am not willing to accept and not willing to conform to, remember, I am resisting, I am fighting against the Holy Spirit, and I will be lost when I refuse to obey all of God’s commandments. If a person repents of his sins, he or she can be saved.

Unless he does repents, he will be lost. You may have murdered somebody; you may have committed adultery; you may have stolen; you may have lied; you may have sworn, you may have taken God’s name in vain, and still be saved. . .IF YOU REPENT! A friend or a relative, or even a family member will tell you it doesn’t matter. After listening to this person and thinking about it for a while, you decide that listening to that still small voice telling you to change your ways wasn’t important after all. And so you don’t follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. It will still be truth and the right thing to do, but now you have quenched the Holy Spirit, and your heart or mind doesn’t feel the need to repent of it.

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